Here are some of the projects we have been fortunate to work on.

Project Showcase

Smokehouse BBQ

"Smokehouse prepares Texas-Style BBQ, which begins with the finest quality meats, slowly pit-smoked to enhance the flavor & tenderness. You’ll see a pink hue in our ribs..."

Are you hungry yet?

"We don’t hide the flavor or appearance of our pit-smoked meats, we serve sauce on the side..."

How about now?

Well, I am! Lucky for me I can easily place my order online, using an intuitive tabbed, slider-enhanced menu, which lets me view and choose my options with the greatest of ease. A few clicks away, enter my payment details, and voila! My order is placed. I can swing by and pick up my order, skipping that long line of hungry folks at lunch time. Those people look at me with envy and a touch of disdain. Who do I think I am, anyway? Some kind of VIP? Well, I hardly give them a thought, because I already have what I came for. I can just grab a seat and dig in.

I don't know what I enjoy more: the BBQ or the way I got it. If you live nearby, you should place an order and see for yourself.