Here are some of the projects we have been fortunate to work on.

Project Showcase

National Surgery Network

NSN is a great example of a business which employes the philosophy of needing an "online business not a website". A website is a collection of pages where visitors can read about you and see your images. An online business is so much more.

NSN has multiple audiences, and each has their own unique set of needs. We helped NSN conceive and develop online tools that meet users' needs by educating and guiding them through processes:

  • The sales process is streamlined by switching from last-century MS Word and PDF proposals to an interactive Sales Analysis and Implementation Plan (SAIP), where prospects can learn about the value of using NSN. The SAIP includes a call-to-action, where prospects can enroll immediately. This shortens the sales cycle and impresses prospects with this forward-thinking approach.
  • Brokers who sell NSN are guided through the sales process with a custom secure zone, which features downloadable and online marketing materials and videos, interactive forms, and client enrollment forms. Brokers can keep tabs on their clients' utilization patterns and prompt their clients if needed to maximize utilization and value.
  • Employers are guided through a simple process of adding NSN to their benefits plan and informing their employees via email marketing.
  • Employees are directed to a Health Information Portal, where they can learn about their medical procedures and the medical providers available to them. Here they are connected to care coordinators who use a customer ticketing module to assist patients in planning their medical procedures.

One key feature the client loves is a live dashboard, which provides a minute-by-minute feed of when and how people are using their online business.