Here are some of the projects we have been fortunate to work on.

Project Showcase


We started with identity design for this innovative company, whose cloud computing product is going to be big. Trouble is, cloud computing is a HHHHHOTT item in the domain space, so we needed to come up with a unique brand in this exploding field. The logo is simple, attractive, and trustworthy. Good start.

Next, we tackled the marketing strategy. Who is the audience(s)? What is their pain? How do we speak to each audience and their pain point? Then, how do we graphically tie them together into a cohesive brand look?

Then we need to explain the product/service. It's a relatively new concept -- at least for consumers -- so we need to boil it down to the key benefits that speak to the audience/pain questions above.

Last, we need to make it crystal clear what the desired action is. In this case, we ideally want people to sign up or at the very least ask to be contacted.

This site is still in development, but the client allowed us to share what we've done so far. We'll post a live link when it's ready.