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About Us

I'm Joe Wellborn, the sole owner and proprietor of Practically Inspired. So what's all this "we" and "us" language used on the site? Fact is, the knowledgebase for web development -- the skills, the tools, the expertise -- has grown so broad, that websites today are more often than not produced as a collaboration among people with differing expertise. This is definitely true for the majority of projects produced by Practically Inspired. I am fortunate to have collaborated with many top notch professionals over the years: designers, writers, programmers, IT engineers, PR consultants, and the list goes on.

As such, I am convinced that -- as a rule -- collaborative efforts yield better results than the efforts of an individual. Naturally, there are exceptions, but in this business they are increasingly scarce.

I take this philosophy to heart whenever I approach any new project, and it has truly opened doors and proven to yield far better results than I ever could have achieved on my own. When I first meet with clients, I no longer entertain the project in terms of "what can I do for this project?" Rather, I view things in terms of "what does this project need to be successful?" In doing so, the project is unencumbered by any limitations that may exist with my particular background and skill set, because I can recruit a development team from a solid network of professional colleagues. This way the client benefits from the right team for the project. And in the spirit of such collaborations, I recognize my valued partners on the website samples featured in this site.

Here's something new.

So that's enough about my collaborative approach. Here's just a bit about me.

I'm not exaggerating when I say I've been developing websites since Netscape came in a box, and I've been a professional designer even longer. I have serviced many national brands, such as American Airlines, Time Life Publishing, the Smithsonian Institution, Haggar Apparel Company, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, the San Francisco Opera, and many more. I also enjoy working with small and mid-sized organizations, including many startups, where the decision makers usually have a lot at stake personally. I understand the needs of large, institutional clients all the way through to mom & pop shops.

Some years ago, it became obvious to me that posting a simple website was not going to suffice if one desired online success. I began searching for a set of online tools that I could bundle and perhaps integrate into a unified platform to support my clients' online success. That's when I discovered Adobe Business Catalyst, which is designed to do exactly that. It didn't take me long to realize this was the single, bundled toolset I had been looking for, and I dove in head first.

Fast forward a couple years, and I am pleased to offer Business Catalyst integration as my excusive development platform. The benefits to me and my clients in using this system are too many to mention here, but you can check out the feature list here. Suffice to say, I am excited to tackle each new project and bring my Business Catalyst expertise to bear -- along with the experience of my development partners.

I would be happy to learn about your next project and discuss what I -- we -- can do for you. Get in touch here.